ip-globaql.org: Finally Some Hubbub in the Shop Interview on Afghanistan with Winfried Nachtwei, German Green MP and foreign and security policy expert

On September 3 the German command in northern Afghanistan in the Kundus region ordered a NATO air raid on two oil tankers that had, according to intelligence reports, been hijacked by Taliban forces and were intended to be used as bombs against allied forces. U.S. bombers carried out the raid destroying the two targets. In the days that followed, different numbers of casualties, including civilian victims, were reported. An ISAF Fact Finding Mission concluded that 125 had died, among them at least two dozen civilians. Germany's defense minister initially asserted there were no civilian casualties at all-and then later backtracked. The events in northern Afghanistan, where the 4,200 German troops are based, have initiated a fierce debate in Germany about the role of German forces in the country-and provoked stiff criticism from Germany's allies.

14. September 2009 14:08:11 +02:00